5 features of the best training tights!

Everyone deserves the "best training tights" for their everyday life. High-quality and functional training training tights are a reliable piece of clothing in your everyday life, when you need self-confidence and inspiration for your workouts. In this blog post, we go through the five must-have features of women's training tights that guarantee a great user experience every single time you put on Gymnation training tights.

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1. High-quality materials are durable.

Women's training tights do not pill or lose their shape in the wash. We have carefully invested in the fact that our women's training tights have excellent coverage, and because of this they do not show through, for example, when squatting. So you can feel confident and focus on your training and other everyday challenges.

The materials of our training tights undergo extensive testing so that you can be sure of the quality and durability of the fabrics. Gymnation's high-quality fabrics for training tights mainly come from Italy and France. The fabric of the training tights takes into account the fact that they are perfectly flexible in use and dry quickly even after a hard sweaty workout. We believe that it is thanks to the high-quality materials that our training tights last so much time and use.

2. The fit guarantees comfort.

Don't you also get annoyed when you constantly have to pull up your pants while doing burpees? No worries Gymnation to the rescue! Thanks to the high-quality material, the training tights fit perfectly on you and do not stretch in the wash.

The material of the training tights stretches in two or four different directions, depending on the model of the tights, which means they can be shaped exactly to your shape. However, remember to take into account the Size Chart when choosing women's training tights, so that you get a fit that suits you. You can also feel free to contact customer service if you need help finding the right size!

3. Versatility is fashionable in Women's Training Tights!

The best training tights are well suited for different everyday situations. They work well both for high-intensity training such as running or Crossfit, but also for low-intensity exercise, such as yoga or walking. With tights of different colors and designs, you get a lot of variety in how you dress and it's smart to combine them with other Gymnation products as well.

Women's training tights are easy to incorporate into other work or leisure wear casually, but without compromising on style. Gymnation's clothes don't have big logos and the colors combine well with other products as well. Timeless and high-quality training tights can therefore be the cornerstone of your style too!

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4. They look good on you.

Many people want their training tights to look good on them. Good-looking training tights automatically increase your self-confidence. The appearance of tights can be influenced, for example, by the cut, shapes, colors and materials of the clothes.

Gymnation's women's training tights come in up to 8 different colors, which can be used to create trendy outfits. In addition, the tights also go well with Gymnation's tops - Combine either with a top of the same color or tone it down with different color combinations.

5. Invest in sustainability!

We are a Finnish clothing company brand and responsibility is an important value for us. The materials are carefully selected and the clothes are manufactured in Lithuania, Europe, in a Bluesign®-certified factory. Our products and especially our training tights are timeless and suitable for both everyday life and training. We have also used a lot of recycled materials and natural fibers such as Tencel material in our products. Read more about our responsibility here.

As a company, we want to offer the best possible training tights that can withstand time and use. We are also happy to listen to suggestions for product development, because we have a customer service that really cares about the customer's needs and opinions.

The best training tights are already waiting for you here!