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Online shopping and returns are easy these days, and because of this, some of us easily order products for fitting as impulse buys without the intention of keeping all the ordered products. Flexible payment methods often also reduce the threshold to order products for fitting, when the products do not have to be paid for immediately when placing the order. However, customer returns incur considerable costs for companies, especially in the clothing industry, which we openly disclose in this blog post.

With the help of this blog post, we also want to encourage more people towards more responsible buying and more thoughtful purchase decisions by opening up our customer return process and costs that are not directly visible to you customers. Of course, we also understand that sometimes a product return or exchange is necessary if the ordered product is not suitable or the size selection was not spot on. However, by carefully familiarizing ourselves with the product information, size guides, customer reviews of our online store and asking our customer service for help in choosing the size/color of the product, we can together reduce the number of product returns and exchanges, as well as the resulting costs and effects on our environment.

    Frequently asked questions about product returns & exchanges

    Why does the product return include a return fee and what is done with the returned products?

    Product exchange is always free the first time an order is returned. For the return, we charge a return fee of 5€, with which we cover part of the return processing costs.

    Product return processes include the following work steps:

    1. The return package is returned from the customer to Gymnation's office
    2. After the return package has been unpacked, the products are checked, cleaned and finally each product is steamed, which helps to smooth out the wrinkles created during the return. After this, the smooth product is sheared for bagging
    3. A new product bag made of recycled plastic is exchanged for returned products
    4. Finally, the processed and repackaged products are delivered from our office back to the warehouse, which takes care of receiving and shelving the goods. The product has then returned to our online store to be ordered again
    5. Unfortunately, we also have to wash the returned dirty products. Most of them are sold in the Outlet rack at discounted prices, for example during summer sales events, etc.

      What are the actual costs of a product return?

      Our actual costs per return (incl. 1 product) are as follows:
      1. Delivery of the return package to Gymnation's office (Freight Service): €6.32
      2. Steaming, cutting and re-bagging the product: €1.10
      3. New product bag: €0.10
      4. Receipt and re-shelving of processed returns in the warehouse: €0.54
      5. Space rent (20m2) for handling returns: €1.18

      Gymnation's actual costs are therefore a total of €9.24 per return (incl. 1 product). If the customer's return includes e.g. 3 products, the cost of the return is then a total of €15.08. In a calendar year, with our current order volumes, product returns alone incur a total of approx. 18,850 euros per year, of which the 5€ return fee charged to customers covers 10,200 euros.

      *All above prices include VAT. The numbers have been calculated based on Gymnation's 2/2021 realized order volume and return amount. Product exchanges are not included in the above-mentioned costs, but Gymnation takes care of product exchanges at their own expense (at no charge to the customer) always the first time the order is exchanged. The costs also do not include, for example, the washing fee for dirty products, waste and recycling fees for plastics from returns, and also the share of customer service.

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      Does a discount or a special campaign affect the return or exchange of a product?

      Discounts do not affect returns or product exchanges. The exchange must always be made for a product of the same price and if a discount code targeted at a specific product or selection has been used with the order, the exchange must be made for the same product or the selection of that product.

      If I have ordered products for more than €120 and I decide to return the products so that the total amount is less than €120, do I have to pay any return costs?

      Yes. In addition, the original shipping costs are also deducted from the amount to be refunded.

      How can I make a complaint about my order? The product was defective.

      It's a shame that a fault was found in our product! Email info@gymnationwear.com a picture of the product defect, and we will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Our goal is always to produce products of the highest possible quality.

      What happens if I return the product dirty or otherwise unsaleable?

      If a customer returns the product dirty or damaged or otherwise unsaleable, a full refund cannot be made. The product must always be returned in the same condition as it was when it arrived to the customer for the first time. The product is the company's property as long as the customer buys it, so the product should also be handled appropriately. 

      Good to take into account when returning a product:

      The clothes must be clean, unused and in the original package. The product tags must also be included with the returned product.
      • The price of the return is €5, which is deducted from the refund made to the customer upon return.
      • All packages are returned via Matkahuolto (Finland only), even if the delivery itself was carried out, for example, via Posti or Budbee.
      • If you have received more than €120 for the order, you will receive free shipping costs and the products will be returned for the order so that the total amount of the order is less than €120. In this case, the original shipping costs will also be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
      • We charge delivery and handling costs of €10 for packages left uncollected.
      • Purchased gift cards cannot be returned or refunded.
      • The entire return process takes about a week.

        Good to take into account when exchanging a product:

        • The clothes must be clean, unused and in the original package. The product tags must also be included with the returned product.
        • All product exchanges are returned through Matkahuolto (Finland only), even if the delivery itself was carried out, for example, through Posti or Budbee.
        • It is only possible to exchange the product with a product of the same price.
        • The exchange is free only on the first exchange of the order.

          Your feedback helps us to develop to a better company

          Thanks to the feedback received from customers, we also develop! We want to continue to offer the highest possible quality products and service, so your feedback is important. You can give feedback, for example, in the e-mail survey / review request that comes after the order, on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for your feedback - it is important to us!

          You can also contact our customer service if, for example, the product or the size makes you think. You can also directly send us requests or development proposals. So feel free to contact our customer service via email: 

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