From the Port and the CrossFit Games Final 2021!

From the Port x Gymnation

Photo by Tuomas Hinkkanen @hingane

We’re thrilled to announce that Finnish national CrossFit team From the Port joins Gymnation! The team will compete at the CrossFit Games Final, which takes place in Madison, Wisconsin, during week 26. Gymnation interviewed the team about how they prepare for the competition and how they feel about the most important weekend of their CrossFit careers. This is actually the first time a Finnish team has made it all the way to the final!

From the Port first got together in 2019, and the team is composed out of two women and two men, according to the standards. Laura Isopoussu, Mirka Henriksson, Petteri Peuronen and Joosua Eskelinen form the toughest team in Finland in 2021. We are happy to be able to support the team, and wish them success in the competition as well as unforgettable experiences!

How have the preparations for the Games been? Has everything gone to plan or has there been challenges?

Due to the current situation, travelling to the competition site brings all sorts of challenges, which surely affects the stress levels of each team member. Training preparations have been great though! We aim to keep our workouts as versatile as possible, and our training routines have included more unusual elements. The most important thing is for everyone to stay healthy.

From the Port CrossFit Games Finals 2021

Photo by Tuomas Hinkkanen @hingane

What kind of attributes are required from you as individuals for the team to work together well? What are the strengths of the team?

As an individual it is important to be consistently good at everything so that the team can also perform as consistently as possible on the competition floor. The team events are often a bit longer than that of the individuals, which means endurance is an important attribute to have. Being competent in gymnastics is also essential, since you have to be able to adjust to the movements of your teammates in the synchronised moves. The strengths of the team are perhaps the events which require endurance, as well as strong gymnastics skills. The chemistry within the group is also “effortless” and everyone knows when to step up.

What was the first reaction when you found out you were going to the finals? What feelings did it evoke?

It was an insane feeling! When we found out, we instantly had a video call. We were all shocked and so proud of ourselves. Mirka was actually already asleep, so she found out a bit later ;). Claiming a place in the Games finals is probably one of the biggest goals we’ve wanted to achieve in CrossFit. Already at the beginning of the season we recognised that it was a realistic goal this season, as long as everything went according to plan. There have also been small setbacks, but luckily they didn’t affect the outcome in a crucial manner. 

You are leaving for Madison soon, what do you expect from the whole Games experience and will anyone be there to support you on-site?

CrossFit Games will be an unforgettable experience and we can’t wait to get on the court and compete with the best teams in the world. It’s already been 1,5 years since the last live competition and the atmosphere in front of the crowd will be amazing! Because of the current situation travelling is a bit tricky, so we most likely won’t have any supporters with us this time.

Gymnation From the Port CrossFit Games 2021

Photo by Tuomas Hinkkanen @hingane

Do you have some sort of clear competition day routine or certain rituals you perform?

We don’t have any actual routines, other than hanging out together, relaxing and eating well. Between events we try to take a short nap and at the end of the day go for a swim to cool down.

Why did you choose Gymnation as your partner?

Gymnation clothes are comfortable to wear and they look good. It is important that the clothes are suitable for our sport and that they are pleasant to train in. As a Finnish team it’s an honour to represent a responsible Finnish brand!

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