Gymnation high-waisted training tights

High-waisted Training Tights


GYMNATION® high-waist training tights are considered to be the best workout tights by many of our customers, and more than 600 of our customers have already rated them 5/5. The GYMNATION® training tights are not see-through and have a sturdy, high waist that keeps the tights in place during training. High-waist training tights are available in three different lengths:

  • 7/8-length tights are suitable for both shorter and average height women
  • Regular length high-waisted training tights are our most popular model and they fit well on most body types
  • High-waisted tights for tall women can be found in our tall model and are best suited for women 172-180 cm tall
  • Pocket Tights have two convenient thigh pockets where you can easily slip the phone and work out without fear of losing your phone


The best high-waist training tights flatter the body and look good both in training and leisure. GYMNATION® high-waist training tights have a snug fit, which means the tights stay in place during training and feel like second skin. GYMNATION® high-waist training tights are available in three different material options:

  • The high-waist training leggings are made of stretchy, soft Italian material and are ideal for light training and yoga.
  • High-waist training tights are made of a tight, four-way elastic material and are clearly tighter than training leggings. These are well suited for tougher workouts such as CrossFit and other functional workouts.
  • The high-waist compression tights are made of a sturdy and durable two-way stretch fabric from recycled material. Compression tights are perfect for high-intensity training, weightlifting and running.