Games Mode

Games Mode 3

Games Mode is a video series produced by Gymnation where the viewer will get to know seven of the toughest CrossFit athletes in Finland and follow their journey towards the annual international CrossFit Games competition held in Wisconsin in August. 

Taking part are Jonne Koski, Emilia Leppänen, Nelli Nurmi and team From the Port: Mirka Henriksson, Laura Iso-Poussu, Joosua Eskelinen and Petteri Peuronen.

Episode 4

In the fourth episode Gymnation Athlete Emilia Leppänen attacks the Masters Division Semifinals and Gymnation Athlete Jonne Koski travels to London to compete at the CrossFit Semifinal event Strength in Depth. Will they have what it takes to qualify for the CrossFit Games?

Episode 3

In the third episode we get to travel to Amsterdam with Nelli and team From the Port for the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown – one of the semifinal events of the CrossFit Games. The athletes give it their all on the competition floor and we get to be there with them. Some intense moments in this episode!

Episode 2

In the second episode we will find out how the Quarterfinal stage of the competition goes for the athletes. Will they make it to the Semifinals? The athletes also let us in on how they eat and how they balance all that training with the rest of their lives.


Episode 1

In the first episode we will get to know the athletes and watch them take upon the CrossFit Open 2022 - the first step on their journey to qualify for the CrossFit Games. Watch now and get to know Jonne, Emilia, Nelli & team From the Port!