Pernilla Böckerman - everyday life, wellbeing and dreams

Pernilla Böckerman Gymnation

Pernilla Böckerman is a 21-year-old Bikini Fitness athlete from Helsinki, who works in social media. You can follow her life and activities on Instagram and YouTube. You can also find her in the Finnish TV series Fitness Diaries.

It is great that Pernilla wants to cooperate with Gymnation and has chosen a responsible and high-quality sportswear company as a partner. The inspiring and goal-oriented Pernilla is certainly familiar to many, but the ideas received from Pernilla for the blog post are guaranteed to open up new and fresh perspectives on an athlete's everyday life, well-being and the life of an Ambassador.

Bikini Fitness as a sport

Why did you choose Bikini Fitness?

I have a long background in gymnastics. In gymnastics, I was used to a certain kind of discipline. Unfortunately, I had to leave my beloved sport due to an injury. Later, I wanted to find a new "hobby" and got to know Fitness. The sport had the same discipline, performance, creativity and hard training that I was used to in gymnastics. Fitness and especially Bikini Fitness has always felt like my own!

Recovering from everyday life

Pernilla Böckerman Gymnation

How do you make sure you recover from busy lifestyle?

I have many different ways to recover in the midst of my busy everyday life, but the most important thing is to stop to breathe and let my body and mind rest. Going outside with the dog, yoga, sauna and watching interesting series help me to recover. However, sleeping and a long night's sleep are the most important thing in terms of recovery!

Social Media

Does Social Media give you pressure abour performance or appearance, for example?

I want social media to be a place for inspiration and good vibes. Some has never given me appearance pressure or other pressures from my own life. Comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you notice that social media affects you negatively, you should reduce your use of Instagram, for example, or consider whether you are following the right kind of accounts.

The goals of Pernilla

What kind of future goals do you have?

I have always been a big dreamer and I always strive to make my dreams come true. At the moment, I dream of a healthy, sporty and pleasant life. I hope I can do this job for a long time and in sports I want to reach the top!

Pernilla Böckerman Gymnation

What do you want to accomplish year 2021?

This year's theme is recovery. In 2021, I want to pay even more attention to sleep and listening to my own body. I want to learn the skill "you don't always have to do something, even less is enough". In sports, I aim to win SM gold in the fall of 2021.

Life and the most important values to Pernilla

What makes you happy about life?

Sports, health, work, home, family and my relationship!

What are your most important values in life?

Honesty, kindness, relationships, family, health, responsibility and respect for other people.

Pernilla Böckerman and Gymnation

Pernilla Böckerman

What do you in Gymnation as a brand?

I really appreciate the Gymnation brand. It is a pleasure to cooperate with a Finnish company whose most important values ​​are responsibility. A lot of time is put into the design of the clothes and the general feel of the company, and it really shows. It's a pleasure to see that Gymnation employees enjoy working and feel inspired and proud of the brand.

Watch Pernilla's story here.