Find the right gear for CrossFit, running, yoga and gym training

Have you wondered about which Gymnation women's training clothes would suit your sport? In this blog post, we describe a few clothing items whose features best match the requirements and conditions of your sport. In general, however, our products are suitable for any sport that you feel they are suitable for. So try out our gear and fall in love with the versatility of our clothes!

CrossFit/Functional training

In CrossFit training, it is very important to have functional, quick-drying and durable sportswear. When designing our products, we put a lot of effort into creating clothes that are suitable for intense training and can withstand, for example, the friction of weights on the fabric.

Mid-Waist Training Tights is a reliable piece of clothing for your CrossFit training. Many women who do functional training choose these tights because:

  • The tights are stretchy, fit snugly and are completely squat proof.
  • The sturdy waistband extends to the navel and stays in place, and the fabric doesn't annoyingly roll at the waist.
  • The material of the tights feels amazing against the skin, dries quickly and is durable.
  • Many colour options, of which you will definitely find the right tights for you!

    If you do functional training in the summer or want to cool down for a sweaty workout, the shorter High-Waist Biker Shorts or High-Waist Shorts may be the right option for you:

    • The high waist and the firmness of the fabric guarantee versatile use of the shorts when doing jumps and gymnastics.
    • Quick-drying and high-quality material that feels like second skin.
    • When styled differently, the biker shorts are also suitable for leisure.

      Many CrossFit athletes in the Gymnation community have completely fallen in love with our Performance Boost Sports Bra. This bra has received praise for, among other things:

      • The great fit and medium support during training.
      • The beautiful cut and open back, which, give freedom of movement for the shoulder area in functional training.
      • Made of double fabric and carefully though-out colours - which are easy to combine with other Gymnation products.


      Good running clothes can be recognized by the excellent breathability of the fabric and the fact that they feel snug and stretchy at the same time. When jogging, it's important that the pants stay on well, whilst supporting the muscles, and the top feels light and soft. Here are a few of our products that have been especially popular with runners.

      Women's high-waisted compression tights are a great choice for intense running workouts. The tight-fitting material supports your muscles during various endurance workouts and is well suited for e.g. versatile stair workouts.

      High-Waist Pro Compression Tights:

      • Available in high-waisted or normal-waisted designs - choose which one you like more!
      • Compression fabric made from recycled material that promotes blood circulation and oxygen uptake in the muscles, reducing muscle pain and increasing performance.

      Women's short training shorts are also a wonderfully fresh option for summer trails. Choose these if:

      • You want your training shorts to be light and cool during your run.
      • You want good-looking, timeless shorts that fit well around the hips.
      • You like short shorts with stylish slits on the sides of the shorts.

        From women's training clothes, Women's Training Tank Top is a breathable and super-soft top for light runs and more intense endurance exercises. The training top contains Tencel, thanks to which the top feels amazing on. Here you can read more about the environmentally friendly Tencel material, which Gymnation's tops and shirts contain.

        Gymnation's long socks are a trendy choice with running tights and training shorts. White long-sleeve socks go well with running shoes and also keep the ankles warm.


        Gymnation's women's workout clothes are also perfect for more gentle sports such as yoga. Many appreciate the fact that the materials are soft, stretchy and comfortable in yoga clothes.

        From Gymnation's women's training clothes, Women's Training Long Sleeve is a very comfortable long sleeve for gentle exercise. The shirt is made of a light and naturally antibacterial material that transfers moisture from the skin when sweating. This product makes it easier for you to relax in!


        For yoga enthusiasts, Gymnation's selection includes High-Waist Training Leggings, which have been created for calm and restorative exercise and leisure time. The design is exactly the same as in our best-selling High-Waist Training Tights - however, the material is even more comfortable, more stretchy and less compressive!

        High-Waist Training Leggings:

        • The fabric has good coverage and you can't see through the leggings during yoga practice.
        • The stretchy and quick-drying material also works for Hot yoga or dynamic Astanga yoga.

        Women's Muscle Tank Top is a sporty casual top for those of you who want a looser top and freedom when you move. Women's Muscle Tank Top:

        • Contains the very pleasant and soft Tencel fibers.
        • Quick-drying and stretchy top for yoga exercises.
        • High and flattering neckline.
        • Several inviting colour options.

          Gym training

          High-Waist Training Tights is the favourite product of many of our customers from our selection of women's training clothes, especially for gym training, because they feature:

          • A tight fit and a flattering high waist that accentuates your shape.
          • Material that does not show through when squatting and withstands the friction from weights.
          • Many different colour options, from which you can choose the most suitable for you according to your own taste.
          • Simply feels awesome to wear, which makes you feel confident and strong at the gym!

          The Power Boost Bra is a sturdy and beautifully designed bra that is great for versatile strength training. Many have liked the bra because of its medium support, high neckline and firm padding. The great coverage of the bra is the best feature of this product! In addition, the practical, beautiful back part and the wide elastic band keep the bra in place without restricting your movement.

          The Muscle Crop Top is the perfect choice with high-waisted tights for gym workouts.

          Why choose the Women's Muscle Crop Top for gym workouts:

          • Thanks to the cropped design, the shape of the waist and shoulders in particular are accentuated beautifully.
          • The wonderfully light and quick-drying fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.
          • The fabric containing Tencel is naturally antibacterial, which means odours won't stick to the top even if you forget it in your gym bag after training.
          • Several charming colour options, from which you will surely find one that suits your style.
          • The softest feeling material you will probably ever come across!

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