The best tights for running and their features

kompressiotrikoot juoksuunPicture: Lili Nissilä

The fresh and sunny autumn air inspires people to transfer their training to the running trails. At the same time, the need to find high-quality and comfortable running tights that can withstand even hard training is also growing.

So in our post, we asked our runner ambassador Teresa Turhanen for her criteria on choosing good running tights. In addition, we received some very important tips from her for starting the hobby of running.

The best training tights for running 

According to Teresa, the most important criteria when choosing running tights is that they are:

  • They are comfortable and stay on well during training.
  • Pleasant and breathable fabric.
  • They fit well.
  • Preferably sturdy compression material.

However, Teresa chooses running tights based on her training:

parhaat juoksutrikootPicture: Lili Nissilä

Why should you choose Gymnation Compression Tights?

Fortunately, we can meet these runner's needs with our Gymnation Compression Tights, for example. So invest in quality that will last for many kilometers to come!

Gymnation Compression Tights

  • Tight-fitting tights that don't fall while running.
  • Durable material made responsibly from recycled material.
  • The compression material of the tights promotes blood circulation and oxygen uptake in the muscles, while at the same time reducing fatigue, muscle soreness and muscle pain caused by exercise.
  • We offer compression tights in two different waist heights (high-waist and mid-waist).
  • There are five versatile options to choose from.

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    parhaat kompressiotrikoot juoksuunPicture: Lili Nissilä

    Useful tips for starting running

    Finally, we received a few useful tips for you from Teresa for starting the hobby of running:

      1. Running condition improves only by running. Unfortunately. No matter how good the basic endurance is, it does not automatically mean good running condition. So boldly, moderately and patiently just run. Start with calm jogging-walking combinations and gradually increase the amount of running. I could almost bet that as your running condition improves, your attitude towards running will also become positive/more positive.
      2. Make running workouts varied. This is how you maintain interest and improve the body's receptivity to training, i.e. enable development. For example, in addition to steady pace, prefer playing with pace and changes in intensity, such as timed intervals or pyramid exercises.
      3. Don't compare yourself to other runners or stare at mile paces. When running condition improves, running itself increases motivation and brings a good feeling. At the same time, the hunger for speed may also increase. Still, your worth or your trainer profile isn't determined by what kind of mileage you run.
      4. Get the technique right. Try to keep your step under your hips. Focus on pushing the step back - i.e. rolling, avoid jumping. Economical running makes running more comfortable and reduces unnecessary stress injuries. You can also monitor your step frequency with a heart rate monitor (recommended over 80, but not over 90).
      5. ENJOY! Running is just so cool! Grateful and wonderful running kilometers for all running enthusiasts <3

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