Buyer's Guide to Gymnation Tights

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The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to compare the features and materials of GYMNATION tights and leggings, and to help our customers choose the right tights and size.

GYMNATION tights and leggings are not the cheapest on the market, because our goal is not to make a mediocre product for as little money as possible, but simply to design and manufacture the best training tights. Tights you will want to wear for every workout. The starting point for product design is always the best possible material combined with an excellent fit. GYMNATION tights are responsibly manufactured in Lithuania from premium European fabrics, which means that the raw material and manufacturing costs are naturally higher than the average of competing brands. We want to encourage you to buy one pair of high-quality, responsibly made tights instead of several cheap ones. The environment and also your wallet in the long run will thank you for making this responsible purchase decision!

Comparison chart for Gymnation tights

comparison chart Gymnation tights

Choosing the right size

GYMNATION tights fit snugly – and this is when the material works its magic and the tights stay in place during training. As a rule of thumb you should choose the size you normally wear in sportswear. The determining measure in choosing tights is the circumference of the hips: measure the circumference at the widest part and select the size closest to your measurement from the size chart. If you are between two sizes according to the size chart, we recommend that you try on a smaller size first, as tights that are too big may start to fall down during use. The tights may look very narrow and small when new, but just go ahead and try them on if you have chosen the size according to the chart. They should feel tight the first few times, as the fabric stretches a bit in use and the tights adapt themselves to your body. If the tights feel snug on (but not uncomfortably tight), you have definitely chosen the right size!

High-Waist Training Tights

The High-Waist Training Tights are our most popular tights, and they fit very different body types. In the image above, you can see that our High-Waist Training Tights fit women of different sizes and heights very well! The High-Waist Training Tights feature a high waist and the legs are ankle-length. For tall users (> 172cm) who want a full-length leg, we recommend our High-Waist Tall Training Tights, which have 3 cm longer legs and a 2 cm higher waist compared to High-Waist Training Tights. In the picture above the 177 cm tall model is wearing High-Waist Training Tights, and as you can see the tights are long enough. In the tall version of the tights the waist would be slightly higher and legs a bit longer, which is more comfortable for many taller women. For women with short legs, we recommend the High-Waist 7/8 Training Tights with cropped legs (picture below).

High-Waist 7/8 Training Tights

The High-Waist 7/8 Training Tights are the same as the High-Waist Training Tights, but with cropped legs. On a person of average height, the legs of the 7/8 model reach the lower part of the calf, but for a person with short legs the 7/8 tights can also be worn as full-length tights.

Normaalivyötäröiset trikoot vertailukuva osto-opas

The Mid-Waist Training Tights are similar to the High-Waist Training Tights, but with a 3 cm lower waist. In addition, the waist of the Mid-Waist Training Tights features a narrow elastic band that keeps the waist piece in place and prevents the waist of the tights from rolling. The waist of the Mid-Waist tights comes slightly below the navel on most women of average height (around 168cm).

Which do I choose: mid- or high-waisted tights?

Mid-waist vs high-waist tights

High-waisted tights are best suited for people of average height as well as taller people. In our high-waisted tights, the waist comes slightly above the navel or at the same height of the navel, depending on the proportions of the person wearing them. A feature of the high-waisted tights is that if the waistband hits the narrowest part of the waist, the waistband may roll slightly in use. However, the rolling of the fabric is reduced as the fabric and tights adapt to the waist. If the waist rolls annoyingly, you should try our mid-waisted tights, where the waist is at or slightly below the navel, which means the waist doesn’t roll as easily. For shorter users, the waist of the high-waisted tights may also rise too high, meaning mid-waisted tights are likely to fit better.

Standard-waisted Mid-Waist Tights are best suited for people of average height and often also shorter people. This is because the upper edge of the waist doesn’t come too high, which prevents the waist from rolling. If you are of average height or slightly shorter, or if the waist of high-waisted tights rolls frequently, we recommend trying mid-waisted tights instead.

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Performance Boost material

The PERFORMANCE BOOST material is what we use in our Training Tights-styles. The material is lightly compressive and firm, which makes you feel confident and ensures that the tights stay well in place during your workout. Performance Boost is a four-way stretch material that allows you to move freely during your workout, and thanks to the light compression, you don't have to worry about tights that slide down. It is completely safe to squat, because this fabric does not show through, and we can guarantee it.

Tights made of the Performance Boost fabric are suitable not only for gym training and group exercise, but also for tougher training such as CrossFit, weightlifting, running and other sports. Due to the simple and stylish design, these tights can easily be styled as part of a sporty leisure outfit.

  • Premium French material: 57% polyamide, 43% elastane
  • Soft, firm and stretchy material that combines 4-way stretch with light compression
  • Excellent opacity
  • Suitable for versatile training

    The Performance Boost material has been used in the following products:

    • High-Waist Training Tights (also 7/8 and tall versions)
    • Mid-Waist Training Tights
    • High-Waist Pocket Tights
    • High-Waist Biker shorts


      Performance Stretch

      The PERFORMANCE STRETCH material is used in our High-Waist Training Leggings. It is the most stretchy and comfortable of all the materials we use in tights, and many of our customers have described this fabric as a “second skin”. Already when you’re pulling on the tights, you can clearly feel the elasticity and softness of the fabric, which makes the tights feel incredibly comfortable. Because of their elasticity, the High-Waist Training Leggings are perfect for lighter gym workouts as well as, for example, yoga and pilates.

      Due to the soft surface of the Performance Stretch fabric, we do not recommend wearing High-Waist Training Leggings in sports where the fabric is subjected to abrasion (e.g. weightlifting and CrossFit-type training). The purchase decision should be based on what you’re going to use the leggings for. For workouts where abrasion occurs, we recommend tights from the Training Tights or Pro Compression collections. The soft fabric does not withstand abrasion as well as hard-surfaced materials, which over time can cause pilling. Weightlifting and some body weight movements, such as burpees, are examples of exercises that can damage the fabric. Our High-Waist Training Leggings are at their best in less intense training, where the comfort and elasticity of the garment plays an important role.

      • High-quality soft Italian material: 62% polyamide, 38% elastane
      • Super elastic and soft surface fabric
      • In addition to gym training, it is perfect for lighter sports such as yoga, which require less compression and more elasticity and comfort from the material.

        The Performance Stretch material has been used in the following products:

        • High-Waist Training Leggings


        Pro Compression material

        GYMNATION compression tights are designed for hard training and are ideal for weightlifting, running or intense CrossFit training, just to name a few. The purpose of compression is to increase an athlete’s performance by improving muscle oxygen uptake and speeding up blood circulation. Gymnation’s Pro Compression tights are made from high-quality Italian recycled fabric, in which the recycled polyamide used in the material is made from plastic waste collected from the sea.

        The compression fabric stretches in two directions, which results in a much tighter fit. This may cause the tights to feel “too small” at first, but this is how high compression products work and the tights should actually be pulled on like pantyhose. The fabric has excellent abrasion resistance and opacity, and you don't have to worry about see-through tights.

        Compression tights are best suited for e.g. running or weightlifting.

        • High-quality Italian recycled material: 65% recycled polyamide, 35% elastane
        • Out of all our tights materials, Pro Compression is the firmest, which due to its 2-way stretch gives the product a strong compression
        • Ecological choice - recycled polyamide is made from plastic waste collected from the sea

          The Pro Compression material has been used in the following products:

          • High-Waist Compression Tights
          • Mid-Waist Compression Tights
          • Men's Compression Tights

          Exchanges and returns

          You have the right to return or exchange any product within 30 days of delivery. If your new tights don’t fit you, you have the option of exchanging them for another size or returning the product and getting your money back. More detailed information about returns can be found here.


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