Gymnation Gym Collaborations


In addition to athletes and influencers, we also cooperate with all sorts of gyms and fitness centers. A collaboration with Gymnation means that gym members, coaches and owners enjoy benefits e.g. in the form of discounts. Having the opportunity to buy high-quality, comfortable Finnish activewear at discounted prices is something gym members and staff will appreciate – and it will add value to gym memberships. 

The gym collaboration model is completely risk-free because we do not oblige the gyms to place orders or post on social media. We will provide the gym with a Gymnation sheet and posters to hang on the wall – and in return for the visibility the gym staff and members enjoy benefits, such as discounts. The Gymnation sheet and posters are delivered to the gym free of charge.

CrossFit Woima x Gymnation


The gyms we collaborate with also have the option of placing a group order for members and staff and/or buy products for resale. You can order products with or without your gym logo. If you want clothes with a logo you can choose to have us take care of everything (option 1) or have the logos printed yourself somewhere else (option 2).

Group orders

We have developed a very easy-to-use group order platform for our gym partners. Each member pays for his/her own products and the entire order will be delivered to the gym in one parcel. Getting the gym logo printed on the clothes is a popular choice when using this service!

  • Gymnation will handle the design of logo products, printing instructions and the coordination of the order with the printing house. Logo printing is always included in the price. No hidden fees!

  • We will provide the gym with a unique link to the platform, which the contact person for the gym will share with the members or staff.

  • Each person will place his/her own order through the platform and pay for it. Gymnation will handle the transactions for the payments. No invoicing hassle!
  • All orders and an order summary will be sent to the gym.

Please get in touch with Katja at if you’re interested and want more detailed info about the collaboration and the perks involved.

Gymnation Group Orders


Liikuntakeskus Core

Tell us a bit about your gym and why you decided to collaborate with Gymnation?

Liikuntakeskus Core is a fitness center, where a traditional gym with group classes has been combined with a functional and a combat training gym. We first found out about Gymnation at a CrossFit competition and got excited about the quality, comfort and above all style of the products.

How has the collaboration been so far?

Everything’s gone well and we’ve been very satisfied with the collaboration. Our orders arrive quickly, it is easy to place an order and Gymnation has been very understanding during these exceptional times.

How have the members received the collaboration?

Our members think it’s good service. There is no gym wear shop in our little village, so the fact that we sell high-quality training and leisure wear at the gym is much appreciated.

CrossFit Woima

Tell us a bit about your gym and why you decided to collaborate with Gymnation?

CrossFit Woima is a gym in Kerava founded by three firemen. We wanted to create a gym that looks like us and where service quality, professional coaching and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything. We wanted a gym where the members will experience the highlight of their day practising their beloved hobby: crossfit. This is also one reason for why we wanted to collaborate with Gymnation. We feel that a core value for both our businesses is that we want only the best for our customers.

How has the collaboration been so far?

The collaboration has been seamless from the beginning. We have done a lot together during these couple of years: product presentations, events, photo shoots and group orders etc. Nowadays nearly all CrossFit Woima members own Gymnation gear with or without a logo.

To whom would you recommend a collaboration with Gymnation?

To all gyms who want to offer their members high quality, functional gym wear. Since it ‘s possible to order clothes with the gym logo, the gym gets exposure on social media and outside the gym through its members. We have also provided our coaches with Gymnation clothes with logos, since we know that good work wear has a positive impact on workplace well-being.

Saliyhteistyö Gymnation CrossFit Portti

CrossFit Portti

Tell us a bit about your gym and why you decided to collaborate with Gymnation?

CrossFit Portti was founded in December 2020 near Turku centre and harbour. We wanted to collaborate with Gymnation because we noticed that many members use Gymnation clothes and some had asked if there is a collaboration in place with the brand. Being a brand ambassador myself I thought it was a great idea, as I can stand behind Gymnation 100% and I use the clothes at work, practice and during my spare time.

How has the collaboration been so far?

The collaboration has gotten off to a good start and been a nice surprise for many members. Our customers have used the discount code and many say they plan on placing an order if they haven’t yet. The clothes have received a lot of compliments about the fit, colour options and quality and the users have been very pleased.

To whom would you recommend a collaboration with Gymnation?

At least to all CrossFit gyms, since the Gymnation brand has become quite popular within the CrossFit community and there would most likely be a demand for clothes which work in a CrossFit environment. From a gym owner’s perspective the collaboration brings added value to our customers.


Katja Söderling
B2B & Collaborations