Men's Training T-Shirts

Men's Training T-Shirts


The GYMNATION® men's training t-shirts are made from tencel natural fibers, which makes them feel super-soft against the skin and extremely comfortable to wear when working out or in everyday life. The tencel in the training t-shirts is to thank for the excellent technical properties of the material: excellent moisture transfer, fast-drying and naturally antibacterial. Naturally antibacterial essentially means that sweat does not get ingrained in the t-shirt and that it smells fresh even after many uses. Due to this feature, GYMNATION® men's training t-shirts are perfect not only for training but also for running, ball games and everyday use.

The very stretchy men's training t-shirts are of regular sizing and suitable for men of many different sizes and lengths without being too tight or loose. GYMNATION® training t-shirts are a little longer than many other brands, which our customers have liked a lot!

Tips for choosing the right t-shirt size:

Select the size you normally use. If you wish, you can also use the men's size guide to measure your chest circumference. Men's size guide can be found on the product page of each product. If you are between two sizes in regards to chest circumference, we recommend choosing the smaller size (the material stretches slightly after the first few uses) or if you feel more at home in a more loose fit training shirt - then choose the bigger one of the two options. You can also get good tips for size selection by reading our customers' product reviews on the product pages of our training t-shirts.


Men's training t-shirts are designed so timelessly in terms of colours and logos that they double perfectly for everyday and leisure use - we wear the GYMNATION® training t-shirt all the time, whether it's for work or in our spare time. GYMNATION® men's training t-shirts are designed in Finland and manufactured in a Bluesign®-certified factory in Lithuania.

Men's training t-shirts - choose the option that works for you:

  • Men's Training T-shirt is a more timeless t-shirt with a small logo, which is easy to combine with different outfits and wear outside of the gym too. The shirt has a regular fit.
  • Men's Training T-shirt (recycled) is a very comfortable t-shirt made from recycled material. The shirt features exactly the same design and logo as the Training T-shirt. The fabric also feels the same.
  • Men's Gymnation T-shirt is a t-shirt with a stylish GYMNATION text logo. The Gymnation T-Shirt is exactly the same as Men's Training T-shirt, the only difference being the text logo on the chest.